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[spotify] Dark garage, Gothic psychedelic, punk blues, and Swamp rock part 1

The Damned – “Absinthe”, Grave Disorder
Blood Ceremony – “Coven Tree”, Living With the Ancients
Andy Prieboy – “Nearer To Morning”, Volume 1 1990-1993
Nico – “Fearfully In Danger”, Camera Obscura
Crime & the City Solution – “Goddess”, American Twilight
Gotye – “Easy Way Out”, Making Mirrors
Oingo Boingo – “Perfect System”, Only a Lad
PJ Harvey – “Dress”, Dry
Wall of Voodoo – “This Business of Love”, Seven Days In Sammytown
Joy Division – “Walked In Line”, Still (2007 Remastered Collector’s Edition)
Screaming Dead – “Night Creatures”, Death Rides Out
These Immortal Souls – “Can’t Unring a Bell”, Step Right Up (Tom Waits Tribute)
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – “Runaway Girls”, Runaway Girls
Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin – “Two Time Loser”, Copy Cats
The Adverts – “One Chord Wonders”, Crossing the Red Sea

Just a taste of some of the things I *could* play, if The Tomb takes off, but as you can see, we’re painfully far from the goal for donations. I’m about to send this to a friend of mine who’s been successful at plugging things, before, and just in case you were unaware, I have made it clear that The Tomb is planned with polytheistic intent.

Draft of rules of etiquette for The Tomb

Code of conduct for The Tomb:
By paying cover (including VIP pass) you agree to abide by the following rules of etiquette:
1) The Tomb does not, under any circumstances, tolerate unwanted touching of its VIP members, guests, staff, and volunteers from anyone in the Cavern Club, including VIPs, guests, staff, and volunteers.
2) The Tomb does not tolerate speech that is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise disparaging to attendees, staff, and volunteers.
3) if another reports you to be in violation of the above two rules, you will be asked to leave for the rest of the evening.
4) failure to leave when asked to for rule violation will result in police escort from The Tomb, and you will be banned from all future events of Ruadhán J McElroy/DJ McSpookypants, and Gothic Gatherings (of which The Tomb is a part).
5) violation of rules 1 & 2 more than three times (assuming voluntary leave), will result in a lifetime ban from The Tomb and other Gothic Gatherings events.
6) in the event of rules violations, cover charge and VIP passes are non – refundable.
7) early entrance to the libation to Nyx, Hedone, seasonal deities, and local spirits will be attended only by those who can maintain a respectful decorum. If one cannot maintain this, one will be asked to enter at 9pm from then on, ritual passes will not be refunded.
8) there is absolutely zero tolerance for those caught stealing from any of the donation jars. Alley Cat Allies and our other charities need it more than you do.
9) Bar staff are legally allowed by state law to cut you off for excessive drinking, belligerence will result in being asked to leave and possible police escort from The Tomb.

Do these rules look good for you? Yes, some are based on legitimate complaints others have had in Michigan at other Goth events. I will not tolerate frat-brats perving on the women, I will not tolerate cryptofascists, and I will not tolerate any other potential nonsense in-between there.

And just in case people might’ve been curious, say Jessica (a person who hypothetically exists) tells me that Brad (likewise) grabbed her bottom —Jessica can stay, Brad has to leave.

And just in case anyone was curious, YES, it will be in my authority for the evening to say that trans women can use the ladies’ room, and non-binary sorts can use whatever restroom they may feel most comfortable using. If The Tomb takes off, and any such people are hassled in the lavvies, just come right to me and I’ll take care of it.

If you think that this is a Goth night that you can get behind, PLEASE donate NOW! We only have until mid-November to raise the money needed, and if we can’t do it by then, then I’m going to try again for the April event –which will mean there probably won’t be a fashion show! (long story, but basically the fashion show is contingent on the first night being in January!)

Also remember!
This Sunday is the first Game Night in Ann Arbor at Get Your Game On! Feel free to RSVP on FaceBook or just stop on by! (I know the flier at the store says Fourth Friday of the month —this month had a special circumstance and i had to move it to Sunday.

Guess who finished his drunken pitch reel?

I did.